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Kudos review by Taylor Crepeau


]Finding the right balance between friends, work, and play is not always easy in life. Neither is it in "Kudos," a life simulation that challenges you to guide your avatar through life during their 20s. The character's life revolves around making decisions between advancing up the career ladder or socializing.
"Kudos" doesn't throw you into the game without an introduction. Before you play a tutorial walks you through the different parts of the interface, how to get a job, and go out with friends. After the short tutorial, it is time to create your own character.
The character's appearance is chosen from one out of the pre-made complete head to toe looks (clothes, face, hair, etc). The good news is that new ones can be downloaded from the updates section of "Kudos," which contains new jobs and avatars. After choosing the look you want, what happens next is up to you.
Before you start getting too far into "Kudos," you'll have to decide what type of life you want your character to live. You start off with a low-paying job, what happens next is up to you. Do you want to focus on the career or friends? Do you want to try the life of a musician and live job to job? Or would you rather be a social butterfly?

Choosing between friends, staying home, and classes is a choice you'll have to make every night. Friends do not stick around if you never go out. Balancing friends and night classes is not easy, nor cheap. Cultured friends will not be happy going bowling every week. The kudos you earn from making friends and trying new things, are important later on in your career. Otherwise you might not get the new high paying job and barely enough money to enjoy life.

Night classes are essential to get a decent paying job, so you can actually afford to do fun things with friends. The job ads will list which classes you need to take when you enter the class listings. Classes occur weekly, some twice a week, and do not have to be attended. You'll pass once you attend the required number, which varies course to course.
You can set up a social event or be invited. Friends are do not understand whenever you reject an invite, whether it's because you don't have the money or have a class. From a player's point of view, the social events are all the same. You'll get a summary of what happened, some tidbits about movies, and who enjoyed talking together. You don't get to see your character fall on their face bowling or tackling someone at football.

A "Kudos" Screenshot

Screenshot Credit: © Positech Games.

"Kudos" has the bare minimum graphics. The gameplay is similar to other text management games. You do a lot of clicking through menus and the game responds with the result of your action. Clicking through the choices for going out, jobs, and answering social invite and job acceptances are the main ways you'll spend time.

The possibilities are not as open-ended or as varied as a game like "The Sims." "Kudos" is not a social experiment where you get to see how different types of personalities react to each other. It is very much about the life of one person. This leaves the game feeling limited and after trying out the different scenarios of trying to do it all (work and job), focusing on work, or focusing on friends and trying out the different careers there is little left to do.


The good news is that "Kudos" is easily modded and updates can be downloaded from within the game. The game files are easily accessible - great for beginner modders.
The Bottom Line: For the hours of gameplay packed into "Kudos," you'll get your money's

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Finding the right balance between friends, work, and play is not always easy in life
Yes thats corect but we musnt give up
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