1. Lingooi | 04/12/2006 | anglicky
I had posted many topics on many forums, but the answers are all same, PS3 GET NUMBER one, YAHOO!! Man, I started to play console when I was 6, I bought a PS the first time, then PS2, wow PS3 now!

Lets make a Poll, which console you will choose?
1st. Playstation
2nd. Xbox
3rd. Playstation 2
4th. Xbox 360
5th. Nintendo Wii
6th. Playstation 3
 2. Lingooi | 04/12/2006 | anglicky
I choose 6th Playstation 3!
 3. Jani | 10/12/2006 | anglicky
For now XBOX 360 seems the most interesting. There's not much difference between XBOX 360 and PS3, except PS3 costs a lot more and doesn't have any good games (yet). XBOX Life is also much better service than the PS3 version. Perhaps PS3 will become better in the future but for now... doesn't look too good.

Having said that... Nintendo Wii might be the winner after all. smiley
 4. voikukka | 10/12/2006 | anglicky
i want Wii! i don't care about ps3 or xbox AT ALL. smiley
 5. Lingooi | 10/12/2006 | anglicky
Wow, Nitendo Wii really laughing at PS3 and Xbox 360. Nitendo is really full of confidence.
Jani, you think Xobox 360 serve better service than PS3? Wow, heard the newest DVD player?
PS3 contains the DVD Blu- Ray. Haha, PS2 games are still coming out, and it is still good, you could still play PS2 games, so you cannot say there is no good games.

Voikukka, yep! Nitendo Wii are really good, I tried it. www.smashmywii.com or www.smashmyps3.com is GREAT!

Ok, back to topic. If you think Xbox serve better service, go to us.playstation.com find it your self, go to ps3 topic and find the product FULL INFORMATION! I cannot tell you which serve better, but if you really think Xbox is better go to the website I mentioned. Ok... Good games? I told ya, PS2 games are still coming, it is still fun.

Wow hoho, you know GTA San Andreas? GTA Liberty City, new GTA Triro or whatever, Scarface? The numebr one game of 2006, Scarface: The world is yours, I tell you, I break the final mission, really fun!

At the first, Rockstar and many more Company (Good Company) don't serve Xbox and Xbox 360.
But lately, they find out a new product has come out, they want to try, but they find out, omg, Xbox 360 is very hard to set the format, and it is very slow, I don't mean Xbox 360 is lame, I just want to tell you, Xbox 360's format is very outdated, but they still found out the format. So, everytime they make a new game, PS2 or PS3 will come first, you will need to wait a few months before the game is serve for Xbox and Xbox 360.

But Xbox has only 2 version, but PS already has 3 version, of course it is better. But maybe in teh future, Xbox 3rd version comes out, maybe the gen war will be very fierce. But now, PS3 is better than Xbox 360. Don't be mad, Jani, Xbox will come out with 3rd version, maybe that time Xbox 3rd version is betetr than PS 3rd version, maybe, but I tell you, me! Alexander Lite will only buy the BEST VERSION!
 6. Lily | 11/12/2006 | anglicky
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It lets you use a virtual sword (Zelda)!
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